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                                                      Artist Colleen Garnet Boddez

         Creative Workshops, Art, Paintings, and C
ast Stone Fireplace Surrounds

Creative Workshops (an opportunity for you and your friends to join me - no experience required)

For fun and sharing with friends, a girl's night out, wedding shower group or baby shower. We are offering small art workshops in my art studio or at our lake house.  Enjoy 4 hours of painting with instruction at the location of your choice and get away from it all at the same time. The painting choice to be decided before gathering.  Invite 5 to 9 of your friends to join you at either location, $60/person.  Light refreshments and snacks included. Paint, canvas, brushes for use, and painting apron supplied. 

       Pick Your Theme:     Famous Paintings by You:  (Van Gogh, Manet, Picasso, etc.) You will be impressed with
                                                                                    your new interpretation of a masterpiece.

                                        Vision Board Paintings: A unique twist on a self portrait to inspire and express oneself. 
                                                                              What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

                                        The Moon and You:   Landscape Painting with the Moon as the Star!                           
                                                                          With the moon as centre stage, everyone and everything glows! 

                                        Semi Precious Gems and Painting: Opening the Chakras on Canvas.  Integrating semi
                                                                                                 precious stones in your painting. 
                                        Fun, Fun, Fun:  Choice from a selection of fun paintings. I have a selection of fun
                                                                  and easy artworks.

Custom Cast Stone FireSurrounds

Garnet Studio has been painting and creating custom cast stone fireplace surrounds and sculpted stone and concrete wall murals for over 29 years.  I love producing one of a kind paintings or sculpted pieces for my clients and continue to do so.   Some of my customers also wanted to know if we carried a line of pre designed Cast Stone Fireplace Surrounds.  We are excited to announce that we are now carrying our Studio Line of Cast Stone Fireplace Surrounds.  They are ideal for anyone who wants to leave the design process up to us.  They can be installed by the DIYer or alternatively by our team of experts. 

We now create our cast stone fireplace surrounds much lighter than before, so they are easily installed by two or three people.  

Paintings in Archive

I have archived some of my paintings on the website.  Please Contact me for  commissions


Contact Us.  We are available to answer any questions by phone or email.